Prof LIN Zhixiu

Dr. LAM Pui Yan

Prof ZHU En

Dr.TUNG Shong

Prof LUO Yi

Dr. LIONG Ching

Dr. XU Daji

Prof ZHANG Xuebin

Dr. HUANG Xianzhang

Presentations and discussion will be conducted in Putonghua / English .
Simultaneous interpretation in Putonghua / English will be provided.

2nd Part

Pro. LUO Yi
Dr. LIONG Ching

  • Feng Yibin (Hong Kong, China): Modern Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine — Upholding integrity and Innovation
  • Rowena WONG (Hong Kong, China): The way to fight COVD-19: breakthrough of TCM in Hong Kong
  • Ricardo Ghelman & Caio Fabio (Brazil): Evidence-based summary of curative effect of Brazilian traditional medicine
  • Vita Revelli (Greece): Situation of TCM in Greece
  • Zheng Qiming (Philippine): Start the new chapter of the development of traditional Chinese medicine in the Philippines
Time Content
0800-0900 Participant registration
Professor LIN Zhixiu
Dr. LAM Pui Yan

Play the congratulatory video from WFCMS

  • Speech by Mr. Ma Jianzhong, President of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
  • Speech by Ms. Feng Jiu, Permanent President of Hong Kong Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners Association
  • Speech by the Hon Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the People’s Republic of China
  • Speech by Mr. Leung Chun-ying, Vice Chairman of CPPCC, P.R. China
  • Speech by Mr. Tan Tieniu, Vice Director of Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong S.A.R.
  • Speech by Dr. Zhang Qi, Head of Traditional Medicine Department of WHO
  • Speech by Dr. Marco Antonio de Moraes, Technical Director of Health and Sanitary Nurse, Division of Noncommunicable Chronic Diseases of the State Department of Health, Brazil
  • Speech by Ms. Huang Ru, Deputy Director of Social Organization Administration of Ministry of Civil Affairs, P.R. China
  • Speech by Leader of National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, P.R. China
  • Distinguished guests put their hands on LED panel for the opening ceremony
  • Group Photo
Prof. ZHU En
Dr. TUNG Shong
  • Zhang Boli: Thoughts on the high quality development of TCM in the new era
  • Wu Yiling: Luobing theoretical system and application
  • Zhang Xue: Determination of clinical efficacy of arsenic trioxide in the treatment of leukemia
  • Wang Qi: Give full play to the role of TCM in the construction of human health community
  • LYU Aiping (Hong Kong, China): Traditional Chinese medicine and data science — Towards precision medicine and transformation science
  • Cheung Wai-lun (Hong Kong, China): Latest development of TCM Hospital
  • Lin Zhixiu (Hong Kong, China): Efficacy and molecular mechanism of self-made eczema prescription in treating atopic dermatitis
1230-1300 Lunch break
The Seventh Meeting of the Fourth Council Board and Standing Council and The Seventh Meeting of the Fourth Board of Supervisors of WFCMS
Mr. SANG Binsheng
14:00-14:30 Registration

  • MA Jianzhong: Working Report in the 7th Meeting of the 4th Council Board and Standing Council, and the 7th Meeting of the 4th Board of Supervisors
  • PAN Ping: The Framework for Five-year Development Plan of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (2021—2025)
  • FANG Fang (Brazil): Report the 19th WCCM Preparation Situation
  • Discussion
1 st Part


Dr. LAM Pui Yan

  • Dr. Ramon Ma Calduch (Spain): The need of an European regulation for the development of traditional and complementary integrative medicines
  • Sun Qingfu (South Africa):TCM fights against COVID-19 in South Africa
  • Lin Dongqiang (Thailand) : The journey of Thai Traditional Chinese Medicine from boiling a large pot of medicine to entering the shelter hospital
  • Chen Zhen (Hungary): Traditional Chinese medicine has gained popularity in Hungary — a combination of Traditional Chinese and Western medicine to fight COVID-19
  • Liu Chijing (Australia): Diagnosis and management of side effects of COVID-19 virus and Covid-19 vaccination
  • Ding Yongling (China): Innovating Lingzhi Industry Development, Leading Public Health Services——Anticancer Activity of Lingzhi on Colon Cancer
  • Guo Yubo (China): Sharing History, Creating the Present and Sharing the Future-Construction of National Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Reginaldo Filho (Brazil): Chinese Medicine in Brazil
3rd Part

Dr. XU Daji
Dr. ZHANG Xuebin

  • Chin Shisei (Japan) : Popularizing TCM, promoting Chinese culture and promoting Sino-Japanese friendship
  • Tatsumi Nami(Japan) : A study of health preservation and medicated diet from Huangdi Neijing
  • Tu Zhihui (Fiji) : Current status of traditional Chinese medicine and recommendations for participation in health governance systems in south pacific island countries
  • Chen Xiuhua (China): Technical operation specification for the treatment of cervical spondylosis by the national intangible cultural heritage “Lingnan Chen’s acupuncture method”
  • Zuo Zheng (China): The effect of time-space Linggui acupuncture of eight methods on the treatment of fatigue after breast cancer surgery
  • Jia fan (Namibia): Namibia’s legislation on TCM and the full integration of TCM into the medical insurance system
Dr. HUANG Xianzhang
  • Mr. Wong Kwun Ming, Vice President of the Hong Kong Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners Association addresses a summary speech
  • Play the promotional video of the next host Brazil
  • Flag handover ceremony
  • Mr. Sang Binsheng, Vice President and Secretary General of WFCMS addresses a summary speech