World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies

World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) is an international NGO dedicated to global traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) development. The NGO headquarters in Beijing, China. There are 277 member societies in 72 countries and regions and each of them are local institutions of Chinese medicine. WFCMS is the A-Liaison organization of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in TC249, which has already published 63 international standards. During the 14th meeting of the 136th session of the World Health Organization’s Executive Board, WHO passed through the resolution (EB136.R10) of offificial non-formal relationship between WHO and non-governmental organizations including WFCMS. Until now, WFCMS, the only representative in the fifield of TCM, is the accredited NGO of United Nations Educational, Scientifific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. In 2021, the UN Economic and Social Council granted special consultative status to WFCMS.

WFCMS is developed in “one body and two wings” structure, with the Secretariat, member societies, the Council Board and Supervision Board as the core, specialty committees and development (cooperation) committee and international alliances as the branches. The Council Board and Supervision Board is composed of representatives of all member societies. The meeting of the Council Board and Supervision Board will discuss and make major decisions, which will hold twice in the middle and late of the year. WFCMS has over 200 branches, including 178 specialty committees which gather experts of a certain discipline, focusing on academic development and discipline construction; and 26 industrial committees, which centers on the industry development, and product service. These enterprises and institutions become the member of the development (cooperation) committee and international alliances.

WFCMS are devoted to promoting the understanding and cooperation among academic groups of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) all over the world; strengthening international academic exchanges; improving qualififications for TCM; inheriting and developing TCM; working to have TCM gain recognition in mainstream medical systems in different countries; and therefore, making greater contribution to the health of mankind.

Hong Kong Registered Chinese Medical Practitioners Association

Objectives of the Association

Hong Kong Registered Chinese Medical Practitioners Association (HKRCMPA) aims to unite both Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners(註冊中醫) and Listed Chinese Medicine Practitioners (表列中醫) to protect and promote the professional status and right of the Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong given by the HKSAR government. We aim to contribute to the professional development and succession of Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong, as well as facilitating academic exchange of Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong and worldwide.


The enactment of the Chinese Medicine Ordinance was proposed by the HKSAR Government and passed by the Legislative Council in 1999 which accorded a professional and legal status for Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong. Not only has it reflected the recognition of Chinese Medicine by Hong Kong society, it also remarks the social responsibility shouldered by the Chinese Medicine industry. To enhance the collaboration in the Chinese Medicine industry, to promote the professional standard and service quality of Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong, and to protect and enhance the professional status and right of Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong, there is an urgent need to develop the Chinese Medicine industry. In 2003, under the support from the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR and the Department of Health in HKSAR, Hong Kong Registered Chinese Medical Practitioners Association (HKRCMPA) was successfully established by the 11 traditional Chinese Medicine organizations (shown as below) in Hong Kong. The list of 11 traditional Chinese Medicine organizations include:

(1)China Society of Practitioners of Chinese Medicine Limited

(2)Sin-Hua Herbalists’ and Herb Dealers’ Promotion Society Limited

(3)International General Chinese Herbalists and Medicine Professionals Association Limited

(4)Society of Practitioners of Chinese Herbal Medicine Limited

(5)Hong Kong Chinese Herbalists Association Limited

(6)Association of Hong Kong & Kowloon Practitioners of Chinese Medicine Limited

(7)Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Practitioners Association Limited

(8)The Hong Kong T.C.M. Orthopaedic & Traumatic Association Limited

(9)Hong Kong Acupuncturists Association Limited;

(10)Hong Kong Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine

(11)The Kowloon Chinese Herbalists Association Limited

Two registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners were invited from each organization to join the Founding committee of the HKRCMPA.


Responsibilities of the Association

After the sovereignty return of Hong Kong to our mother country, China, the development of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong has faced new chances and challenges. HKRCMPA plays an important role to unite all elite Chinese Medicine organizations to contribute to the healthcare development in HKSAR. HKRCMPA is aspired:

(1) To maintain and protect the professional reputation and autonomy of Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong; to enhance members' professional academic level and good professional conduct; to unite the Chinese Medicine industry through the establishment of communication platform to develop Chinese Medicine research.

(2) To serve our members; to provide academic activities and training platform such as Chinese Medicine publications, mass media information, organising Chinese Medicine clinics and hospitals, medical libraries and cultural museum etc.

(3) To serve our community such as organizing Chinese Medicine charitable activities, volunteer treatment and disaster relief etc; to communicate with other medical organizations in Hong Kong to enhance the healthcare standard.


HKRCMPA is a non-profitable limited company in Hong Kong. It is the most representable Chinese Medicine organization in Hong Kong after 1997 and with the most number of members among all Chinese Medicine Organizations in Hong Kong. The 30 Election Committee members of HKSAR in the Chinese Medicine sector are all from the HKRCMPA. We own nearly 7000 members till now which account for 87% Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners in Hong Kong.


To promote the development of Chinese Medicine Specialty, the HKRCMPA has established the Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Specialty Development Working Group together with the School of Chinese Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Baptist University. In addition, the HKRCMPA also owns its Chinese Medicine College, the HKRCMPA Charity Fund, the Youth Committee of Chinese Medicine and 9 Chinese Medicine Specialty Committees.


The HKRCMPA is one of the CME Administrators and the CME Programme Providers accredited by the Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board of HKSAR. The HKRCMPA provides accreditable, diversified and all-rounded professional training courses to members. The HKRCMPA also established the (ISSN 1991-615-9), which is the only Chinese Medicine academic journal in Hong Kong, to provide an excellent communication platform for Chinese Medicine Practitioners in Hong Kong.


The HKRCMPA is one of the Member Societies of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS). HKCMPA keeps in contact with many Chinese Medicine institutions and organizations, organizes different Chinese Medicine talks, conferences, workshops and exchange trips and many international Chinese Medicine academic conferences. The most recent one was the Hong Kong International Summit of Chinese Medicine which was highly recognized and supported by the HKSAR government and the whole Chinese Medicine industry in Hong Kong.